Monday, 10 January 2011

#3 and Time to Depart...

#3 is here I am very pleased to announce!

However the sad news is it will be last Blue Box for some time as the good news is I have been offered the opportunity to take over as editor of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society's publication Celestial Toyroom. This will be a great honour and I thank all that have supported me and Blue Box so far as I feel this has played a large part in my appointment.

Anyway the contents of #3 include:

Finding Fandom by Jez Strickley
Fan Fiction 'The Prison Hiss' by Robin Bell
More Films for Who Fans by Ian Wheeler
Interview with The Doctor Who Reprint Society
For the Love of Who by Grant Bull
Target Book Review by David MacGowan
Spearhead from Space Revisited by Richard Farrell
Doctor Who The Adventure Games Reviewed by Willaim JP Turner

With a simply stunning cover by the hugely talented J.F Wilson

Orders by Paypal (Gift please) to

£1.50 - UK
£2.50 - Rest of World


  1. I have blogged about this here

    Congrats on your new post Grant :)

  2. Cheers Robin on both counts and for your most welcomed involvement in Blue Box.