Thursday, 28 October 2010

BB #1 & 2 Info

I have had a number of emails recently asking if #1 of Blue Box is still available and I am happy to say yes it is – so if you are missing the very first issue then please order now as numbers will soon be limited!

As for #2 here is just some of the contents:
• 10 Films Every Doctor Who Fan Should Watch by Ian Wheeler
• Escaping Sunbeams (Fan Fiction) by Robin Bell
• Horror of Fang Rock Review by Richard Farrell
• Season Fnarg Reviews by William JP Turner, David MacGowan and Jez Strickley
• Paul Cornell Interview Part 2
• Art by Nathan Lindsell
• Prom Review by Tim Drury
• Rumours of Death by Jez Strickley
Thanks to everyone that has ordered so far and for their continued support of Blue Box.

Order now by Paypal to £1.50 UK £2.50 Rest of World

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